Meal menus


Shrimp cocktail, dinner roll 75:-
Salmon paté with chef’s special mustard sauce 70:-.
Small plate with herring, cheese, bread and butter 85:-.
Slices of smoked reindeer meat with horseradish mixed with whipped cream 75:-.
Three croustades with shrimps, ham and broccoli 80:-.

Main courses

Fish courses

Fillet of plaice with sauce of shrimps, roe and chopped red onions 115:-.
Salmon from lake Vättern with Hollandaise sauce 115:-.
Cold arctic char from lake Vättern with sauce of lump-fish roe 175:-.

We serve boiled or pressed potatoes to the fish dishes

Meat courses

Beefsteak with onion and green pepper cream sauce 145:-.
Saddle of deer with cognac-spiced sauce and Brussels sprouts 185:-.
Fillet of beef with chêvre-cheese filled tomatoes, morel sauce or Béarnaise sauce 185:-.
Turkey with jelly-filled apples and cream sauce 135:-.
Chicken fillet with curry sauce and rice or pressed potatoes 125:-.
Roasted whole pork fillet with chantarelle sauce 135:-.

We serve potato gratin, thyme-spiced potatoes or Pommes Chateau to the meat dishes


Old fashion vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit and whipped cream 65:-.
Warm cloudberries and vanilla ice cream 70:-.
Cheesecake with berries and fruits of the season 75:-.
Cinnamon parfait with compote of blackberries and raspberries 75:-.
Swedish style cheesecake from Småland with cloudberry jam and whipped cream 80:-.
Mirror of raspberries with pear halves and chocolate flakes 80:-.

We welcome your own suggestions if you prefer something else than above.
Call for reservation (min. 8-10 persons), telephone no +46 (0) 583 50430 or +46 (0) 583 50077
and ask for Britt-Louise Otter